Faux Rabbit Fur Pom Pom Pendant Wholesale (Bow)


Pendant decoration for car keys, mobile phones, wallets, handbags, backpacks, cars or other objects you want to decorate, good accessories for parties, anniversary and other important occasions

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【PACKAGE INCLUDED】The great value round shape faux fur pom poms come with 42 different vibrant colors, which provide you plentiful quantity for you to meet your different needs for knitting hats, crocheted hats, coats, key chain, gift decoration to your family and friends

【PREMIUM FUR BALL KEYCHAIN】Pom poms made of high quality imitated faux fur fabric that are extremely fluffy and soft, no smell, no fading color, perfect for DIY projects. If you want to use the hairball as a key chain or leather bag decoration, we can also provide durable alloy chain with great texture.

【PRACTICAL FAUX FUR POM POM】Each faux fur pom pom come with tiny loop, you can use it to attach on your projects as you like. Convenient for you to attach keychain pom pom on hat top, or as the decoration for bags, scarves, gloves, shoes, womens keychain for key, cellphones, lighter leash and so on.

【WARM NOTE】These pom poms may arrive as flat looking, And you can blow pom poms keychain by the hair dryer (cold wind) or shake by your hand for a few seconds, puff balls keychain will looks round and beautiful again

【PERFECT SIZE】 Each faux fur pom pom measures 3 inch / 8 cm in diameter,If you need bigger or smaller fur pom poms, please contact us to customize them for you.