Faux fur poms VS fur poms, who is the trend of the times!

With the passing of the End of Heat’s solar terms, the heat of summer has gradually left, and 2021 officially enters the two seasons of autumn and winter. But whether it is a crisp autumn or a freezing winter, warm clothing and faux fur poms must be available,

In fact, the use of real fur has always been criticized. Making a fur coat or pom pom requires the skins of many animals, and the method of taking skins is very cruel. If through the continuous research and development of fabrics, faux fur can be like real fur in all aspects, will anyone still choose real fur?

The answer, of course, is no.

The most famous is STELLA MCCARTNEY, which insists on not using real leather and fur, and then CALVIN KLEIN, the first luxury brand to join the Zero Fur Alliance.

Subsequently, RALPH LAUREN and GIORGIO ARMANI announced that they would no longer use fur in 2015 and 2016, respectively. GUCCI announced that it would no longer use fur in October 2017, and MK announced that it would no longer use fur a month later.

In short, with people’s awareness of environmental protection and animal protection, fur clothing and pom pom made from animals has been boycotted, and many big fashion brands have joined the zero fur camp, while the continuous expansion of the non-fur camp is doomed to the continuous expansion of the fur industry. and great strides.

Looking back on the 2020 of the fashion industry, the major brands seem to have a tacit understanding of a “green storm”, each well-known big brand replaced the fur in the product with fauxl fur, and held a number of green fashion shows.

As a result,faux fur has changed from a so-called “cheap product” to a must-have item that is most in line with the values of the fashion circle, which makes more and younger brands better and better on the road of faux leather and velvet.

Of course, in addition to all kinds of publicity from these big brands, the continuous refinement of the production technology of faux fur is the fundamental reason for the achievement of the general trend of faux fur!

Nowadays, the technology of imitation fur is getting higher and higher, and the imitation is so lifelike that it is difficult for laymen to distinguish it with their hands, and it generally requires professionals to feel it.

At the same time, through the continuous innovation of technology, the warmth of faux fur is getting better and better, the texture of faux fur is getting closer and closer to real fur, and artificial fur is easier to operate in multi-color dyeing, which makes the choice of faux fur clothing more diverse. shape and color are more varied.

The most important point is that many friends are concerned about the safety of faux fur.

In fact, most furs contain heavy metals, which are easily absorbed by the human body and cause allergies, which makes faux furs relatively safer than real furs. Moreover, many brands now use more environmentally friendly plant resources, organic materials, and some scientific and technological materials.

Finally, call for more environmentally friendly materials can be gradually used to create more green space for the future!

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