How to select the raw materials of high quality faux fox / rabbit poms?

If you want to make a beautiful faux fox fur pom or rabbit fur pom, it is necessary to choose a good fur material. So as an excellent faux pom poms manufacturer, how do we choose it? In fact, this is a very complex process, and in order to help you understand quickly, I have summed up a few items that can help you choose good fur poms or clothes.

To measure the quality of faux fur through the following ways, the first is to “look”, high-quality faux fur feels soft, thick and shiny fur, consistent color. The next step is to “touch”, that is, to brush the fur up and behind with your hand. if you find that there is no bald hair or broken hair tip or dark fur, and the fur feels soft and plump, such fur is an excellent product. Finally, there is “smell”, which requires that the fur has no peculiar smell.

In the process of making fur poms, we will strictly select the best quality faux fur for production according to the standard, which is the key to our customers’ trust and love.

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