What is the difference between a faux rabbit fur pom and a faux fox fur pom?

As we can see, the common imitation fur poms in the market are rabbit fur poms and the other is fox fur poms, so what’s the difference between these two kinds of fur poms?

It’s hard to say which fur poms looks better, because everyone has different preferences, but rabbit fur poms are gradually becoming more popular for the following main reasons:

More colorful colors and more choices. The colors of rabbit fur poms are very diverse, our website alone has more than 50 colors, and each color is very good-looking, can meet your needs in any scene.

It’s softer and feels better. The feel of the rabbit fur poms is very good, it really feels like touching a rabbit, and many people fall in love with the soft feeling of the rabbit fur poms.

Long-term use, easier to take care of, easier to restore the original state. When the fur poms is transported over a long distance, it is inevitable that the package is not very beautiful. At this time, as long as you grasp the bottom of the rabbit fur poms and shake it gently, it will soon regain its beauty. If it is used for a long time, such as the fur poms sewn on the hat has been pressed in the wardrobe for a whole winter, it can be blown gently with the hot air of the hairdryer, and it will soon restore its beauty.

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